Full Correction & Ceramic protection on a New Car????

Just thought i'd post this pick of a brand new Bentley Continental GTC which was given a New Car Prep Detail last year at my unit in Bellshill. The reason for a New Car Prep?

New Car Preparations are often overlooked. “It’s brand new! It shouldn’t need polishing!?”

You’d expect a new car to be delivered and presented with the utmost of care, boasting flawless paintwork and perfect in every way (with nothing to hide). Unfortunately, this is rarely the case! We’ve seen it all. From resprayed panels on Ford’s, to sanding marks and machine buffertrails on Ferrari’s. Whether it’s a £10,000 city car or a £200,000 super car, it’s nice to be able to know the whole story.

Storage conditions, damage in transportation and at the factory and poor unskilled PDI preparation at the Dealership can lead to a whole array of defects and problem areas that may need addressing. Fine scratches, surface marring, factory induced sanding marks, machine holograms, bird lime etching, metallic fallout and lacquer “fish eyes” to name but a few.

It is advised to ask the supplying Dealership not to touch the car prior to collection. No wash. No polish… This way, we reduce the need for costly paint correction services where fine scratches and swirls from bad contact could have easily been induced in the preparation stages.

Unfortunately the Dealership overlooked my customers request and proceeded to wash and polish the car before handing it over to him. And it was clear after the decontamination process why.

Dealerships use heavy polish fillers which will (temporary) cover the imperfections and make the vehicle look shiny and lovely but once washed and clay barred you see the true picture. Sanding marks, buffertrails, pig tails, overspray (yes there had to be a respray at some point on the front wing). The paintwork was in a terrible state! Not something you would expect from a £150,000 car.

So it was left to me to address these issues.

Paint readings were taken first then a combination of Cutting compound (S3 Gold XXL) and microfibre pad(s) was used to correct the whole paintwork. It was slow going but necessary to get a near flawless correction. This took nearly 2-3 days to complete. Once done the vehicle was wiped down with IPA then followed by a refining polishing stage to remove any induced marring caused from the correction stage. The results were massive and how a new car should look.

A further IPA wipedown was done to remove dust and polishing oils then Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light ceramic coating was applied to all paintwork and trim/grill as a base coat followed by 2 coats of Gtechniq Exov4 for further protection. This will give the vehicle around 5 years protection. Crystal Serum Light forms strong chemical bonds with paintwork to provide significant resistance to wash-induced swirls. It also provides an impressive resilience to extremes of pH, such as those found in some car wash products, traffic film removers, industrial fallout and environmental factors.

Crystal Serum Light provides exceptional levels of gloss, but for added reflectivity and unbeatable water-beading, we finish with a layer of Gtechniq EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating. Roof lining was sealed and protected using Fabsil Gold and the interior had a valet followed by Gtechniq leather and fabric protection. The Alloys were removed and cleaned before application of Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour on the calipers and wheels.

The whole process took 6 days to complete but the results were infinitely more desirable than it was when 1st delivered to the customer. Gloss levels were insane and now the owner has a vehicle that they can be proud of. Plus the added bonus of easy maintenance due the protection.

Now when i see this vehicle on its monthly valet i cant help but smile...

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