Wheel Cleaning and brake dust removal

Wheels are among the toughest parts of a car to get clean; they spend their lives in a harsh environment and due to their proximity to the ground they’re bombarded with hot iron dust, tar, grease, salts and a variety of other road grimes. Which is where Iron Fallout Remover comes in.

Good wheel cleaning products should loosen the baked-on grime to the point that it can simply be blasted off with a pressure washer. At this point, if you’re tackling particularly heavily soiled wheels, you may want to re-apply the cleaner and agitate them with a safe wheel brush. In the past, most of these alloy wheel cleaners were acid-based which made them unsuitable for some wheel surfaces, especially unpainted or lacquered ones, because over time it corrodes and causes damage to the surfaces. More recently, most wheel cleaners have been developed to be alkaline based or, better yet, pH balanced to counter these issues.

This is why we use an Iron Fallout remover to breakdown the stubborn dirt & grime and not cause damage to sensitive alloys. The product reacts with the iron deposits from the break dust and turns purple (the more purple the more iron). We then pressure wash the wheels to remove the dirt & grime then follow up with a dedicated wheel cleaner to leave the wheel fully cleaned and shiny.

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