1.1 All valeting services to any UK address are inclusive of chemicals, travel, labour and insurance costs unless otherwise stated.


1.2 As part of its policy to improve the quality of services, the Company reserves the right to alter specifications of any services without prior notice.


1.3 The Company reserves the right to modify its pricing schedule or any quotation without prior notice.


1.4 Prices are subject to change and are inclusive of VAT.


1.5 Our determination of the size category of your vehicle with regard to the price list shall be final and binding.


1.6 All payments must be made on the day, upon completion of the service.


1.7 If you have booked a valet service, please make sure your vehicle is in a reasonable condition by removing excess items from the interior and boot area. Either remove all your personal belongings, or put them in a bag away from rubbish that we will clear. Thankyou. N.B. Items that may resemble rubbish could be considered disposable and therefore, removed. We will not be held responsible in such a situation.


1.8 Child seats must be refitted by you, we will not be able to refit seats under any circumstances.


1.9 Whilst every effort is made to ensure that valeting services are carried out to the highest standard (according to the condition of a vehicle), the client is advised to check the vehicle (s) on completion of the valet. If there is any cause for dissatisfaction, the client should point out the discrepancy to the valeter, who will endeavour to correct it at that time and to the best of their ability. No responsibility can be accepted by Smart Auto Valet (Glasgow) for omissions or discrepancies detected after the valeter has left the client's premises. Should the valet be carried out with the 'client not present' and the client has cause for complaint, the client is asked to contact Smart Auto Valet (Glasgow) within 24 hours of valet. Should the client fail to adhere to this time scale Smart Auto Valet (Glasgow) may decline to rectify any omissions or discrepancies.


1.10 We will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle arising from ill fitting trim, loose or faulty parts, door mirrors held on with chewing gum etc. Please ensure you make us aware of any potential problems before we start the valet. Thankyou.


1.11 We carry out valet services all year round so, on some occasions, the weather prevents us from pursuing our normal duties. In this event, if you have an undercover area or suitable garage, we could still valet your vehicle. If no such sheltered work area is available, bad weather may regrettably force us to cancel. We will contact you by phone to confirm the cancellation and to re-schedule a more suitable appointment. Thankyou for understanding.


1.12 In the unlikely event that your appointment has to be delayed or cancelled by us, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will not be held liable for any consequential losses resulting from such delay or cancellation.


1.13 By having your car valeted by Smart Auto Valet Glasgow you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out above.

2. Gift certificates

2.1 The Company will provide gift certificates when requested.


2.2 Payments must be received and cleared before a gift certificate will be issued.


2.3 Gift certificates may be used as full or part payment for any of the Company's services. Any difference in value between gift certificates tendered and services supplied must be paid in full at the time of the valet.


2.4 Gift certificates are usually valid for 6 months from date of issue. If the gift certificate expires before the valet is completed, no refund will be given.


2.5 The gift certificate has no monetary value.


2.6 Gift certificates must be valid and presented to the Company on the date of valeting.